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P.O Box 1082
Alpine, NJ 07620

We repurpose, reuse & restyle gently used goods into unique, one of a kind pieces made from recycled & new materials. Our mission is to help eliminate textile waste from filling our landfills one redesign at a time. We have a passion for saving our planet and helping others along the way. We continue to improve our website so check back for more improvements and updates.

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Our Story

Our Story

Jusjen founder "jen" spent most of her life in Massachusetts where she grew up sewing and designing at a young age. Always creating and restyling her old clothing and family members hand me downs she knew she wanted to be a designer. She pursued a degree in fashion design to learn more about her trade and expand her talents. During this time she realized she was most passionate about restyling and upcycling from past creations scouted in her closet, and in vintage, thrift & consignment stores.  Since everyone around her loved her creations so much and kept requesting her to design she decided to turn this into something more. Jusjen continues to do local art fairs in New England and now has branched out into New Jersey & New York her new home. Currently this is just "jen"'s life passion but she hopes to expand more into helping those in need while spreading awareness for recycling, limiting waste and trying to make the planet a better place. If we all do our part imagine what we can accomplish. Please repurpose. Everyone deserves a second chance…..even your closet! 


Did you know?

  • Upcycling reduces clothing and textile waste by reusing deadstock or gently used fabric to create new garments and products. Making a single cotton T-shirt requires over 700 gallons of water, whereas using a pre-existing T-shirt to make something new requires nearly no water. In addition, upcycling can divert some of the 85% of textile waste that ends up in landfills.

  • The fashion industry is the third most polluting industry in the world. Every year, approximately 80 billion garments are produced worldwide, and they leave an enormous footprint. The global production of all textile fibers consumes 1 trillion gallons of water, 33 trillion gallons of oil , and 20 billion pounds of chemicals annually.